GOLO Diet the Pros and Cons

golo diet

The GOLO Diet has become more popular over the last few years. It is a diet plan that claims to help you to lose weight through insulin management. This is claimed to help restore your hormonal balance and repair your metabolism. To lose weight on the GOLO Diet you will need to: ● Reduce your calorie intake to a daily […]

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The Sirtfood Diet and How to Follow It


The Sirtfood Diet is a new weight loss plan created by two nutritionists based in the UK. It is claimed to help turn on your “skinny gene”. Research has found that certain foods can help increase the amount of sirtuins (SIRTs) produced by your body. SIRTs are a group of seven proteins that help regulate a number of bodily functions […]

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How to Implement a Raw-Food Diet

Raw-food diet

As you hear more and more about the impact your eating has on your health and longevity, you may be considering a raw-food diet. While this lifestyle could be quite different from your usual fare, you might find that you thrive on eating mostly raw foods. What exactly is a raw food diet? In general, it means eating only things […]

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10 Reasons to Eat Vegan – What The Science Shows

eat vegan

Do you eat vegan? Vegan eating seems to have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. The Vegan Society reports that veganism quadrupled between 2012-2017. While it may be true that the vegan lifestyle can be viewed as trendy, there is also a wide array of health benefits to vegan eating. Improved Heart Health Vegan diets are often […]

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How Vegan Diets Promote Heart Health

vegan diets

It is shown that vegan diets help heart health. The CDC reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. On a yearly basis, approximately 610,000 people die from heart disease, which equates to nearly 1 in 4 deaths. (Heart Disease Facts, 2018). With such massive numbers of people being negatively impacted by poor […]

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Tricks To Make Losing Weight Easier


Is it possible there is a way of losing weight easier? There’s a good chance that you, and everyone you know, have been on a diet at one point or another. We all get to a point where we realize we’ve gotten a little lazy on the fitness and diet front. It’s time to put a bit of effort in […]

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20 Top Diets in 2019

20 Top Diets

Do you know what the 20 Top Diets in 2019 are? Some people don’t take the time to investigate the myriad of diet plans available at their disposal. You have so many options, and it’s vital to your success that you consider each one and select a plan that meets your personal needs and isn’t just the most commonly adopted […]

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